About Us

SDR Marble:
Pioneer in Sustainable Marble.

With our 25 years of experience, we are one of Turkey's exemplary marble producers today. One of our most important goals is to bring Turkey's underground wealth to the economy with the correct environmental, social and managerial practices. In this respect, we constantly work to improve and refine our quality and business processes, and continue our marble production activities in mining fields within the permissions given by the relevant institutions of the state.

Our goal is to add value to the mining industry by transferring our brand and sustainable production philosophy to future generations.

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Our Product

We produce sustainable products that respect the environment and nature in our own quarries.

Instant Delivery

To improve customer experience, we provide high quality service in the fastest way possible.

Quality Control

We never compromise on quality thanks to our products that are controlled at every stage.

Corporate Service

We operate within the framework of legal regulations with our corporate registrations and permissions.