All of our products are mined in Turkey and in our own mines. Tundra Gray & William Gray products are available in our mines. These products are cut as marble blocks or slabs according to your request and delivered to you.

All types of block marble you see on our website are specially produced based on your order. The marbles cut in the sizes you want are prepared in the amount you want. We offer the products we extract from our quarries to your service by processing them with high technology in our contracted facilities according to the requirements of your project.

Our deliveries are carried out by our reliable and contracted logistics companies within the dates you request. With our company delivering products to more than 40 countries, your products are delivered to you at the right time and intact.

We maintain a transparent understanding of working in our quarries, all of which are located in Turkey. Based on this understanding of work, you have the opportunity to visit us at any time and examine our products. When you want to visit our quarries, simply contact our office and create a "quarry visit appointment".